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  1. RealHughJackman Sunrise from Mt Fuji. Oscar and I had 2 incredible days on the mountain. SUBARASHII !!!!!
  2. RealHughJackman Dinner the other night at Sukiyabashi by Jiro. Out of this world. One of the greatest meals of my life.
  3. RealHughJackman Wolverine gang dreaming of Jiro dreaming of sushi (seriously check out the Jiro documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi).
  4. RealHughJackman Had my first subway ride In Tokyo the other day.....spotless!!
  5. RealHughJackman Had to take deb!! Jiro and his son gave us another meal of a lifetime!!!!!
  6. RealHughJackman On the bullet train. Amazing!! Japan is subarashi !!!!!
  7. RealHughJackman Was in Kyoto today at emperors gate at temple of 1000 golden Buddhas!
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